You can find this info and more at the Secretary of State’s website.  If you know of any of those running being “SD FIRST” candidates, please contact us so we can highlight them! The opinions we’ve gotten from those in this county (if we’ve gotten any yet)  are in bold. More than anything, please take advantage of the info on this website to inform and empower yourself to make educated voting choices in 2024 rather than depending on others to tell you how to vote. Try reaching out to these people and take time to speak with them directly concerning why they’re running in your county and  what they hope to accomplish, what you can expect to see, etc.  While we all have our opinions on how we should vote & who we should vote for in elections, in the end, your vote is your voice, so make sure YOU are making that choice for YOU & form your own opinion and conclusions. Get started by scrolling through our home page!

To view candidates running for state house and senate that we patriots (from all walks of life & from various front lines fighting) felt are the best choices for South Dakota, click here.

County Treasurer Rhonda Zubke REP 01/10/2024 Day 14354 446TH AVE   Waubay SD 57273
County Auditor Kelsey Kading REP 01/24/2024 Day 18 E 1ST AVE   WEBSTER SD 57274
Coroner Shauna Kjos-Miotke REP 03/06/2024 Day 13975 436TH AVE   WEBSTER SD 57274-5617
County Commissioner Janet Marx DEM 02/06/2024 Day-2 430 W 8TH AVE   Webster SD 57274-1228
County Commissioner John Suhr IND 03/01/2024 Day-2 619 E 12TH AVE   Webster SD 57274
County Commissioner Blake Torrence REP 02/13/2024 Day-2 521 1ST AVE W   WEBSTER SD 57274
County Commissioner Colin R Johnson DEM 03/13/2024 Day-4 43152 140TH ST   Webster SD 57274
County Commissioner Amy Fischer IND 02/20/2024 Day-4 43493 148TH ST   Webster SD 57274
County Commissioner Roy Aldrich REP 03/25/2024 Day-4 1 14070 SD HWY 25   WEBSTER SD 57274
County Commissioner Jim Walter REP 02/01/2024 Day-4 2 14353 429TH AVE   WEBSTER SD 57274-5507
Precinct Committeeman Derek Sinner REP 03/25/2024 Day – Precinct-02 905 E 3RD ST   WEBSTER SD 57274-1423