Numerous people stepped up to the plate to primary legislators! With so many running, we asked patriots from across the state to share their thoughts on who they feel are the best candidates for South Dakota in 2024.  Some candidates listed are running for re-election, others are primarying or being primaried. Those in the primaries have a * by their name. The rest will be up for a vote in November if a Democrat is running against them.  With that, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of all of the various sources of information we gathered here on the website so you can do your own research quickly, easily and draw your own conclusions.  We suggest starting at our home page and then go to Taxpayer Oversight to view the collection of scorecards, voting records, and other information sources to help you make an informed vote in 2024!  *If we missed any conservative candidate, PLEASE contact us so we can add them!*

Click on the name of the candidate to go to their website/social media page


Justin McNeal as an Independent against Dusty Johnson *still gathering signatures*

Watch McNeal’s Interview



District 1: Christopher Reder*

Logan Manhart*

District 2: John Sjaarda*

District 3: Brandei Schaefbauer
              Al Novstrup

District 4: Vanessa Namken*

Dylan Jordan*

District 5: Josephine Garcia*

District 6: Aaron Aylward*
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609 Kent St., Harrisburg, SD 57032
Venmo: @aylwardfordistrcit6

Wendi Hogan*

District 7:  Jeff Struwe*  WATCH INTERVIEW

District 8: Matt Wagner*

District 9: Bethany Soye*

                  Tesa Schwans*

District 10: Bobbi Andera

District 11: John Kunnari*

District 12: Manny Steele*

District 13: John Hughes*

              Penny Baybridge*

District 14: Tony Kayser*

District 15: Joni Tschetter

                  Brad Lindwurm

District 16: Karla Lems*

                Brian Burge*

District 17:

District 18: Julie Auch*

District 19: Jessica Bahmuller*

 Steven Mettler*

District 20: Ben Krohmer*

District 21: Marty Overweg*

Lee Qualm (website)*

District 22: Lana Greenfield*

District 23: Scott Moore*

Spencer Gosch*

District 24:

District 25: Jon Hansen*

                          Les Heinemann*

District 26A:

District 26B:

District 27: Liz May

District 28A: Jana Hunt*

District 28B: Travis Ismay* WATCH INTERVIEW

District 29: Kathy Rice*

                   Terri Jorgenson*

District 30: Matt Smith* WATCH INTERVIEW

                   Matthew Monfore*

District 31: Scott Odenbach*

          Mark Mowry*  WATCH INTERVIEW

District 32: John James*

District 33: Phil Jensen

District 34: Heather Baxter*

District 35: Tina Mulally

                          Tony Randolph


District 1:

District 2:

District 3: Carl Perry*

District 4: Fred Deutsch*

District 5:

District 6:

District 7:

District 8: Rick Weible* WATCH INTERVIEW

District 9: Joy Hohn*

District 10:

District 11: Chris Karr

District 12:

District 13:

District 14:

District 15: Brenda Lawrence*

District 16: Kevin Jensen*

District 17: Jeff Church*

District 18: Lauren Nelson*

District 19:

District 20:

District 21: Mikala Voita*

District 22:

District 23: Mark Lapka*

District 24:

District 25: Tom Pischke*

District 26: Tamara Grove

District 27: Bruce Whalen*

District 28: Sam Marty*

District 29: John Carley*

District 30: Julie Frye-Mueller*

District 31: Kate Crowley-Johnson*
Donations can be received at PO Box 182
St.Onge SD 57779
or drop off to Black Hills Federal Credit Union.

District 32: Karen McNeal (Independent)

District 33:

District 34: Taffy Howard*

District 35: Greg Blanc*