State Elected Officials & Legislators

We are doing our best to categorize the stories pertaining to state politicians/elected officials for the sake of organization.  We’re working to take stories talked about in our FB group and categorizing these stories according to the elected official/legislator.  This way, you have quick and easy access to reading up on anyone in our state government who was talked about among the tax payers and/or possibly made headlines, yet read from the point of view of the tax payers and what we discovered that newspapers tend to not print sometimes.


We also want stories concerning local government (county/city).  Any and all stories of local government officials can be found under the “Local” tab on our Home page.

Shining the light on government corruption is how we start to fix our country, and it all starts at the local level.  We are also looking for stories to highlight true public servants and moral/ethical government (current or past) officials to interview as well when it comes to the basics of what they did/do in their government roles.

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