Written by Mick Baruth

Many of us have been led to believe that there is only a small group of people that have concerns about the voting machines, when the fact is we are not.  To prove that, read this article or watch this 2 minute video showcasing democrats expressing their own concerns with voting machines being hacked.

WE THE PEOPLE can decide if we still want our paper ballots to be put through a machine called a tabulator to count our ballots. In order to let the people decide, we need to collect petition signatures in each county in SD to put it on the ballot in each individual county so that WE THE PEOPLE can decide if the majority of voters want to continue to use the machines or go back to hand counting in the voting precincts immediately after the polls close.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who don’t understand the hand counting process! Every ballot needs to be looked at, one at a time, by no less than 4 sets of eyes (2 Democrats and 2 Republicans). One Democrat and one republican sit on each side of the table facing the Democrat and the Republican on the other side of the table.  Two tally sheets are required and when done with each set of ballots both tally sheets must match. Upon the completion of the hand counting process the ballots and the tally sheets are turned in to the county auditor office. Those who did the hand counting in the precincts can check that the tallies were reported properly to the Secretary of State’s office and the media. This puts the maximum checks and balances on our elections.

Looks to us like in order to corrupt an election with hand counting in the precinct you would have to corrupt all of the poll workers in a whole bunch of the voting precincts? According to the politicians from the video above, it would only take one person or a very small number of people to use the machines or a computer to flip votes and/or change totals.  I think we can agree that a lot larger percentage of citizens would cheat at a $10,000 card game, if given the opportunity, than we would like to believe. With that in mind, it isn’t hard to figure out what lengths the politicians would go to in order to keep their power, keep the money rolling and why it is so hard to vote out those who have been voted in in the past.

If you are a registered voter and would like to help us out by just signing a petition so we can get it on a ballot in your county please send a text message to 877-454-7246 with the best way to contact you and we will have someone from your county reach out to you ASAP!

The following is a summary of just a couple things that have happened in the last year or so in SD that should help you understand how badly the elites, bureaucrats and politicians that are a part of the establishment want to keep the facts from WE THE PEOPLE!

Most people do not know that Minnehaha, Lincoln, Pennington and Davison county commissioners have chosen to use the tax dollars of their constituents to pay for outside attorneys (other than the ones they already have on payroll) in order to fight the release of the cast vote records from prior elections. For those who do not know what a cast vote record is we will explain: The federal government states that in order for the tabulating machines we use to count ballots to be compliant they must produce a cast vote record. These tabulators scan a digital copy of every ballot and count the ballots at the same time. By looking at the scans of the ballots and the totals that the tabulator says it came up with, it is very easy to AUDIT the election using these cast vote records. Kind of like if you call your bank or investment advisor to inquire about the activity in your account and then ask for a printout to be sent to you. Can you imagine if they only told you the balance, but would not send you something in writing confirming the activity and the balance when you asked for it? We are being told that we can’t prove there is fraud taking place, but at the same time they (the elected officials) won’t release the cast vote records that would prove if there is fraud or not!  Anyone who has been a parent knows that if your kids are trying to hide something it probably is not good news! After all, WE THE PEOPLE are who they work for! Our taxpayer dollars are being used to pay for their salaries, the machines and the software needed for the elections and now for attorneys to keep the facts from us the taxpayers.

Last fall, some citizens from Butte County, SD discovered SDCL 7-18A-9 regarding initiated measures. The law states that “The right to propose ordinances and resolutions for the government of a county shall rest with five percent of the registered voters in the county, based upon the total number of registered voters at the last preceding general election.” In essence, this means that if a petition is circulated on virtually anything and a number equal to 5% of the registered voters in that county at the last preceding general election signs it, they can force it to be put to a vote of the registered voters in that county. Petitions have been turned in in a few counties already and are being circulated in over 40 of the 66 counties in SD to return to the hand counting of ballots in the precincts instead of using a machine tabulator to count the ballots. Within a few days of the first petitions being turned in, and with only a few days left in the legislative session, a bill was hog housed in the SD legislature to attempt to stop this effort! Thankfully, there were just enough legislators who voted against it to stop it.

One has to ask why so many elected officials and bureaucrats are so afraid to put this on a ballot? Why don’t they want the cast vote records released so as to prove to all of us that our past elections are safe, secure and that accurate results are being reported? Is it possible that they know something about these tabulators that we don’t? Go HERE for a five minute video from the Brookings County commission meeting right here in SD that has gone viral exposing the security vulnerabilities of our ES&S voting equipment.

WE THE PEOPLE were never allowed to vote on whether we wanted the machines in the first place. Politicians and the government never willingly get rid of any programs that they put upon us, even if they tell us it is as just a short term solution.  WE THE PEOPLE need to DECIDE if we want to continue to have the machines or go back to hand counting our elections in the precinct!

If you are a registered voter and would like to help us out by just signing a petition so we can get it on a ballot in your county please send a text message to 877-454-7246 with the best way to contact you and we will have someone from your county reach out to you ASAP!

You can also go HERE to learn even more about what we have uncovered in the last 2-3 years in regards to our local, state and federal government that most people don’t even know about! Visit www.govwatchsd.org to learn more about local and state politics in South Dakota, issues affecting citizens & how you can help.

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