Written by Mick Baruth
Read “What Is Going On?” 


Keep in mind when you read this that amateurs built the ark and professionals built the titanic! We all know how that worked out!!!

We want to share with you just a handful of things we have learned over the last couple years about stuff that is going on right here in our own backyard. We have tried to keep this as short as possible to give those who don’t want to know all the details a basic understanding, but at the same time have provided links to more detailed info for those who want to know more of the details. Please take a few minutes and read this in its entirety instead of quitting part way because you start thinking too much, like we have in the past, (it will never change) which caused us to be in the position we are in! 

We think you will agree that a lot larger percentage of people would cheat at a $10,000 card game, if given the opportunity, than most people would care to admit!  With that being the case, one can only imagine what the bureaucrats and elected officials in ours and any other country for that matter, may be willing to do to keep their power. As we all know, this power allows them to accumulate tens and hundreds of millions of dollars of wealth on salaries that would never allow anyone else to accumulate that kind of wealth! 

Let us imagine that you own a bank and your long-time bank manager decides it is time to retire! Out of good conscience they decide to let you know that the whole staff has been stealing money, little bits at a time, from your bank and they paid off the auditors to keep it all a secret! Who in their right mind would decide to replace that manager from the pool of current employees? If you did not replace the whole staff can you imagine what they would do to try to undermine the efforts of the new manager you hired to fix it, that was not one of them? 

One has to ask themselves who has more to lose and who has more to gain if we the people come together in greater numbers to hold our elected officials and government employees more accountable! There are many people who have dedicated hundreds and thousands of hours of their time to make up for the fact that we the people have left our governance unchecked and unquestioned for decades, and that has lead us to where we are at. Some of these people have quit their jobs and careers, which has cost them tens and in some cases over a hundred thousand dollars in lost wages, not counting the loss in potential extra invested dollars and what those would have grown to for their retirements. Some have come out of retirement to devote many hours per week to research and attending city council, school board and/or county commission meetings to speak out and/or to just support those who are willing to speak out by asking questions! Imagine what would happen if more people would take a few hours per month and attend one or more of these meetings? Others have kept their full time jobs, but taken on many hours per week of extra work to make up for what could have been avoided if we the people had just each taken a few minutes a week or an hour a month to stay on top of things! It doesn’t take long with technology today to plug into the many groups to know what is going on. Then you can participate by doing things as simple as making a call, leaving a voicemail or sending an email or a text!

              A SMALL GROUP OF THOUGHTFUL AND COMMITTED CITIZENS CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!                                                                   INDEED IT IS THE ONLY THING THAT EVER HAS!

We all know that most people don’t read a newspaper anymore but many years ago (before the internet and social media took over) someone asked why the newspapers were half the size they used to be? The response was because the news used to tell both sides of the story so we could all decide for ourselves! If the media did their job more people would know about these things and our school board meetings, city council meetings, and county commission meetings would require much larger venues, at least for a while, to hold all of the citizens who would be attending to ASK QUESTIONS or just attending in support of those who are willing to speak up!!!

Albert Einstein was quoted as saying “the world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the            people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it!”

The three biggest reasons people don’t do anything about it is that:
1) they have been lulled into being busy with too many things that are not really
that important in the scope of things and we are all paying a huge price for this.
2) the media does not report the facts as they should so that we can make an
educated decision as to what is really going on.
3) they don’t know what, if anything, they personally can do to make a difference
and right the ship.
Our founding fathers stood up to tyranny and designed our constitutional republic
(big difference between a democracy and a constitutional republic) to give the power to
the people and keep tyranny away! Our main objective is to inform more people as to
what is going on and get more people involved.
Example 1: In Mitchell, SD 70 people showed up at a meeting and were able to get the
governing body to reevaluate the location of a gun range. That is less than 1% of the
population of Mitchell! Read the article HERE .
Example 2: The United States Department of Education received more than 35,000
comments mostly objecting to the teaching of critical race theory in order to qualify for
grant money! This is around 1/10th of 1% of our population! Read the article HERE.

                                                                       UNCOMFORTABLE ENOUGH???

The local governing bodies get very uncomfortable when just a handful of people show up and/or speak up! Just like the dog who laid on the nail all day at his owner’s shop and whined. Somebody asked the owner why he didn’t get up and move from laying on the nail! The owner said he is not uncomfortable enough yet! Imagine what would happen if just a few dozen or a hundred people showed up just to support those who are willing to speak up and ask questions? Our elected officials have gone virtually unchecked and unquestioned for decades and we are not going to fix it overnight, but the more people start asking questions and participating the quicker we can get the ship going back in the right direction. We will all be blown away how fast the worm turns when people start participating in larger numbers. We have their attention now and we can take back control in our lifetimes. Most of us can’t stand the thought of leaving this mess behind for our kids and grandkids to deal with and it may be irreversible by then!  All we have to gain is transparency and trust in our government and nothing to lose but a little of our time. They have nothing to gain when we win and everything to lose (money and power)!


One of our friends, while going door to door in her precinct knocking on doors to recruit volunteers for poll working and poll watching, spent around 10 hours over two weekends and was very successful in getting dozens of volunteers! She never brought up party affiliation, but could tell from the voter rolls which people were registered as Democrats, Republicans, Independents or other. The vast majority, from all political affiliations, told her how sick they were of the current state of affairs with our government and were especially concerned about our elections!

                                                       INSURANCE NO LONGER NECESSARY???

All elected officials must be bonded by the city, county, state or whatever entity they represent! This is a tool for the citizens to hold the officials accountable. A claim was filed in Lincoln County, SD against the auditor for taking it upon herself to advertise on her Facebook page that she or a member of her staff and a county deputy sheriff would be collecting absentee ballots in the parking lot of the University of Sioux Falls football stadium, which is close to the northern border of Lincoln County. She was also being challenged by another citizen on the ballot to take her position as auditor. Can you imagine the advantage it gave her to advertise this to her friends and family on her Facebook page. She told Dakota News Now that it was also advertised on the Lincoln County sheriff’s page, which they found to not be true! The claim was filed because she chose to take it upon herself to collect ballots at an unapproved polling location and broke chain of custody laws by not having a democrat and a republican there to accept and transport the ballots to the auditor’s office. Upon filing the claim with the insurance company, who the county purchased the surety bonds from with taxpayer dollars, a letter was received 6 weeks later from the auditor herself stating that she was not guilty!  HERE is the denial letter! The letter states that the person who filed the claim had no legal standing? What other conditions besides Lincoln county resident, registered voter and taxpayer need to be met to have legal standing? The notice of claim was filed within the 180 days! Most importantly, since when does the defendant get to decide guilt or innocence? If this is how it works no one will ever need any type of insurance again.  What they are telling us all is if you hit someone with your car and you get to decide if you are innocent or not why would you need insurance??? A complaint was then filed with the SD Division of Insurance and they told us they had no jurisdiction and we would need to hire a lawyer to take it to court!

                                                            LAWYERS AND INSURANCE COMPANIES

We are finding out that the lawyers and insurance companies are being allowed to control everything! The lawyer organizations give over 90% of their donations to the Democrat party because they know that they will vote in more regulations that create work and income for the lawyers. Those regulations increase prices that are then passed on to the consumer! Now the large corporations that use to side with the Republican Party, who were known to limit regulation in the past, have figured out that if they donate to the Democrat Party instead more regulations will help them drive out their competition. Small businesses can’t afford to put attorney’s on large monthly retainer fees to fight the regulations! When Amazon drives all the small businesses out of business, do you think they will keep the prices as low as they are now?

                                                                     WHY DIDN’T THEY TELL US EARLIER

Our Secretary of State Monae Johnson held a summer study to try to appease the people who helped to get her elected as she ran on a campaign of election integrity.  Part of this summer study was to visit with the staff and tour the ES&S offices in Omaha.  ES&S is the company that the counties in South Dakota purchase tech support and the tabulating machines from to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. The day before our Secretary of State and the group of people she assembled for the summer study were scheduled to tour and meet with ES&S in Omaha, they were informed that there would be no tour as the ES&S facility had a fire but could still meet at another venue. Seems like a coincidence that the fire supposedly took place the day before the tour? Anyway, one of the members of our SD group was smart enough to know that Nebraska, like SD, is a one-party state that allows for the recording of calls or conversations without the consent of the other party and that person recorded the whole meeting. During that conversation, ES&S officials admitted that the cast vote records do exist and they are not proprietary, but are actually designed to be public record. This is the opposite of what we had been told by the Secretary of States office and the county auditors all over SD. You can find a complete transcript of the conversation HERE !

                                                                          WHO WORKS FOR WHO???

In the fall of 2023, the South Dakota Secretary of State held a training in Pierre with ES&S for all of the 66 county auditors in our state. During a break, the election coordinator for Minnehaha County overheard another auditor badmouthing those who are asking for proof that our elections in SD are secure and that the results are actually accurate. Upon hearing this he proceeded to go over and start asking some questions himself! The ES&S representative put his hands on the Minnehaha election coordinator and told him that the conversation was done! In what world does a vendor’s representative lay their hands on a customer and the vendor’s representative, as well as the vendor, is not fired immediately??? 

This led to ES&S delaying the training that they were under contract to provide in Minnehaha County and asking to hold a zoom videoconference to get questions answered before coming to complete the training. This zoom videoconference included a large number of executives from ES&S as well as multiple members of the Secretary of States office in Pierre. The Minnehaha County Auditor and her election coordinator started the call by asking why so many executives from ES&S as well as the Secretary of State’s office were needed to answer these questions? The auditor asked if this was being done in order to intimidate her and her election coordinator in to falling in line with the rest of the auditors across the state, and to quit asking the questions she needed answered in order to be able to prove to the constituents who elected her that any future elections were safe and secure and that accurate results were being reported? Having been an actual auditor in the private sector for around 30 years, she knew the repercussions to the county if she could not prove that the future elections were conducted and reported properly! The only entities that would approve of this are those that are complicit in what the establishment wants and are not worried about having to face any consequences as long as they fall in line with the powers that be!

After about an hour of questions and conversation between ES&S reps, the auditor and her election coordinator, the auditor reminded ES&S and the Secretary of States office that she did not work for them and was not worried about what would happen to her if she did not fall in line with the status quo. She then turned her computer around and revealed the dozens of constituents who were present for the whole zoom videoconference and reminded ES&S as well of the Secretary of State’s office that these were the people who she worked for and she would be upholding the oath to the Constitution that she took at her swearing in ceremony! HERE is a link to the video and if you don’t want to watch the video in its entirety, you can watch the first 10 minutes or so and the last 10 minutes or so to see what we are talking about.

This led to the Minnehaha County Commission discrediting her as an embarrassment to the County and trying to make it so she did not get a pay raise like the rest of the county department heads in December of 2023. All this on top of the fact that she was started at a base salary far below the preceding APPOINTED auditor and almost $50,000 below what he was paid right before he was replaced by the voters after less than two years in office. A large contingent showed up at the Minnehaha County commission meeting the day after Christmas in 2023 to support the auditor, and in the end, she got the same pay raise as the other department heads even though her salary is still far less than the previous auditor who was appointed by the establishment!

                                                           DEAD PEOPLE, FELONS AND NON-CITIZENS

It has also been discovered recently that a law that was put on the books during the 2023 legislative session was not being enforced by the judicial system. SDCL 12-4-57 says that within fifteen days after the close of each month, each clerk of court shall forward to the county auditor of the clerk's county information on any individual called for jury duty who is excused from jury duty because the individual has moved, has been convicted of a felony, has been declared mentally incompetent, is deceased, or is not a citizen of the United States. Upon receipt of the information, the county auditor shall investigate to determine if the reported individual is listed in the county’s master registration file and whether the individual is eligible to be registered as a voter.

The county auditor shall remove from the master registration list:
(1) The names of persons identified as mentally incompetent in accordance with the
information provided pursuant to this section or §  12-4-18 ;
(2) The names of those sentenced to imprisonment in the federal penitentiary
(3) The names of deceased voters published in an obituary, reported by a county
coroner, or recorded in the death records maintained as vital statistics records
by the Department of Health; and
(4) The names of those who are not citizens of the United States.
This law was not being enforced because the judicial branch was not made aware of the
new law.

                                           MAIL FORWARDING SERVICES-THE GOOD AND THE BAD

Another issue is the many mail forwarding services in our state. The counties which they do business in really enjoy the extra revenue from the car titles, licenses and wheel taxes. The problem is we have over 40,000 people that are using these mailing services to claim SD as home and they are affecting our elections. One particular county commissioner by the name of Bruce Kjetland, in Hanson County, actually owns one of these mailing services. During a recent election he was on the ballot to be reelected and received 121 votes. The person running against him received 78 votes. The problem is, of the 199 people who voted in that election, 107 of them were using Bruce Kjetland’s mailing service to claim SD as their home! Do you see how this could effect this election? Imagine how an extra 40,000 voters could affect our elections on all of the ballot measures, etc. and then they don’t have to live here and live with the results. We actually alerted the auditors to the fact that these people were not filling out the voter registration forms properly and were subject to being prosecuted so the powers that be in Pierre removed those requirements from the voter registration forms so as to protect those out-of-staters from prosecution!


There was also a large contingent of people who showed up at the capital rotunda in Pierre on Friday, February 23rd for a hand counting demonstration! While approaching the group, SD State Senator Lee Schoenbeck stated that he wished he would have brought his shotgun with him that day! This is just one of many instances of Lee Schoenbeck calling citizens names and trying to intimidate them. Any citizen saying that to an elected official or public employee would be handcuffed and hauled off to jail immediately.

                                               WAIT! WHAT? WE CAN OVERRIDE THE GOVERNMENT?

Last fall some citizens from Butte County, SD discovered the following law 7-18A-9 regarding initiated measures. The law states that “The right to propose ordinances and resolutions for the government of a county shall rest with five percent of the registered voters in the county, based upon the total number of registered voters at the last preceding general election.” In essence, this means that if a petition is circulated on virtually anything and a number equal to 5% of the registered voters in that county at the last preceding general election signs it, they can force it to be put to a vote of the registered voters in that county. Petitions have been turned in in a few counties already and are being circulated in over 40 of the 66 counties in SD to return to hand counting of ballots in the precincts instead of using a machine called a tabulator to count the ballots. Within a few days of the first petitions being turned in, and with only a few days left in the legislative session, a bill was hog housed in the SD legislature to attempt to stop this effort! One has to ask why are so many elected officials and bureaucrats so afraid to put this on a ballot??? Is it possible that they know something about these tabulators that we don’t??? Go HERE for a five minute video from the Brookings County commission meeting right here in SD that has gone viral exposing the security
vulnerabilities of our ES&S voting equipment.

                                                                  BIG CHANGES TO VOTER ROLLS

A couple of other recent developments include one precinct in Sioux Falls having an over 30% increase in the total number of registered voters from 10/29/23 to 4/1/24!  Also in Meade County there was an over 300% increase in voter registrations from February to March of this year! HERE is the article! How do either of these things happen?

                                                                              LOST VOTES???

There were also some people who downloaded the election results every 5 minutes throughout the night of the November 2022 midterm general elections and recorded the votes dropping and going back up in many elections as you can see HERE! Looks to us like machines and technology are effecting our elections!!! 


Many auditors across the state are complaining that they are concerned and feeling intimidated and unsafe because more and more people are showing up at their offices and commission meetings to ASK QUESTIONS. They also claim they feel intimidated by having poll watchers in attendance during election day. If there was any citizen who actually attempted to assault or attack any of these auditors, staff members or poll workers don’t you think everyone would know about it by now? Maybe if these auditors, and the rest of us for that matter, actually watched the HBO documentaries Hacking Democracy and Kill Chain they would quickly realize what is really going on with our elections, as we discuss in the next paragraph. Very easy to find numerous video’s of both Democrat’s and Republican’s saying that they are concerned with the vulnerability of our election equipment! Read the article HERE that includes 2 minute video of congress members concerns! Maybe what is actually going on with the auditors and their staff, is that they have all gone unchecked and unquestioned for decades, and just like a teenager who has not been held accountable for anything for way too long, they now feel threatened or that they are being picked on. 

                                                             ANOTHER GREAT HOODWINKING???

This leads us to what many believe is actually going on with our government and our elections. Another one of our friends knows someone whose job was to train all of the insurance agents that sell for one of the biggest insurance companies in our country across a large region of the upper Midwest. She was not aware that if you die with a whole life insurance policy, and most universal life insurance policies, the company only pays the death benefit and not the death benefit plus the cash value of the policy. How does the trainer not know this??? Could it be because the owners and the top management don’t want the trainers and agents to really know how it works, as it would have an adverse effect on the amount of sales made? Is it possible that the elites, the bureaucrats, and those elected officials who are willing to fall in line and be team players with the establishment are not being honest with the public, the auditors, and the vast majority of the normal employees of the voting machine companies about how they are actually using the machines to help SELECT vs elect those that they know they can count on to be team players and fall in line with the establishment??? Kind of looks to us like the auditors, their staff and most of the employees of the voting machine companies are being hoodwinked just like the trainer above was by the insurance company that she worked for! We challenge you to find out how many of the auditors that are currently in office were actually elected by the people vs. appointed by the establishment? Lincoln County, SD had not had an election for the auditor position for many years prior to the 2022 midterms! Is it possible that the establishment is telling auditors to quit their job in between elections so they can appoint someone they are confident will be a TEAM player? If the life insurance companies, as well as many other industries, are not willing to be honest to increase revenue, it would only make sense that something that is far more lucrative, like politics, could and would do whatever it takes to protect their vast empire of power and money!

                                                                                   PORN FOR KIDS

A majority of our state legislature is even protecting the porn industry by not outlawing pornographic books and websites in our schools! All the while biological men are being allowed to participate in sports that were designed to give biological girls opportunities to compete in other states!


                                                                     NO TAX CREDITS=NO BUSINESS

So now we have a company called Summit Carbon Solutions trying to use eminent domain to put in a carbon capture pipeline all in the name of saving our planet from global warming and climate change! If there were not an extremely huge amount of tax credits (tax payer dollars) being made available to them this would not even be a thing! We researched the history by decade of 100-degree days in Sioux Falls, SD since the 1970’s and found that the decades of the 1970’s and 1980’s individually had more days over 100 degrees than we have had from the year 1990 till now! If the coasts were both going to flood in the near future, do you think the banks would be loaning money for people to purchase properties on the coasts? Also, don’t you think the investment companies would have a disclaimer in the prospectuses for any and all investments to warn people of the risk that climate change could affect their investments? 

If you allow the government to break the law for EMERGENCIES, they will create emergencies to break the law!!!


                                                                     YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

Since you took the time to read this, it would be prudent to now GET INVOLVED in some way! Keep in mind that by staying complacent and not DOING SOMETHING you are actually COMPLICIT in the evil!

                      Ephesians 5:11 states “Have no fellowship with the fruitless works of darkness,
                                                                     but rather expose them.”

                                                             Here is a quick starting point!
Forward an email or text with this info to any and all friends and family so that more can be informed! If we all forward to 3 people who forward to 3 people we will have the whole state informed of this info very fast! Geometric progression works like this 3X3=9X3=27X3=81X3=243X3=729X3=2,187X3=6,157X3=19,683X3=59,049X3=177,14 7X3=531,44! After 11 levels of sharing almost every voter in SD has seen the info and all you have to do is share with 3 people and make sure each of them have shared with 3 people!  Spread this summary far and wide on any and all social media outlets to get the word out! Forward an email with this info to any and all of your city, county, state and federal elected officials to let them know that you have read this! This one thing alone, done by
hundreds of citizens will send an overwhelming message to them that the masses are being awakened and are now on alert!  If you want to be informed of future developments and/or participate in affecting change
you can plug into many events and groups that are taking place weekly all over the United States! A great starting point that has lots of info about SD and the many groups you can reach out to is govwatchsd.org. You can even find out what the voting record of your legislators is by looking at some of the scorecards!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, much of our government is a huge mafia who launders a portion of our taxpayer dollars right back to themselves through foreign aid and endless wars instead of taking care of our own citizens!  One day many will hang their heads in shame, when they realize the evil they defended and the heroes they ridiculed!

Never forget Jesus was the most persecuted person in the history of the world!  Isn’t it crazy how the darkness hates the light and history proves over and over again that those who speak the most truth are the most ridiculed!!! 

We are way past Democrats vs Republicans!  What we actually have is the elites, bureaucrats and career politicians vs WE THE PEOPLE!

There is around 350 million of us and only a very small number of them! When more of us realize that they very rarely solve any of our problems but actually create more of our problems and then say they will fix it to try and justify their jobs we will begin to right the ship! Even if 10% of the people get involved and start asking questions we can go back to living life the way we want FAST!

                                                                          THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!