I saw this post on social media and I felt that it was the perfect example of how civil servants should approach their jobs in government and politics that it would be a perfect fit for our website on teaching people what to expect from their politicians and how they should serve them:
Written by State Representative Tony Randolph:
When Legislators are in session we don’t have time to keep up on what the media is reporting and we are often swamped with emails and calls but rest assured I continue to cast my vote based on three things:
1. Does a bill violate the Word of God?
2. Does it violation the Constitution?
3. Does it line up with the party platform?
If the bill doesn’t violate scripture or the Constitution and lines up to the platform I rely on the facts the bill presents.
That’s what I told my voters I would do and I do my very best to hold this line.
The media calls this form of voting extreme. So if you see “right-winged extremist” in front of my name just think of the criteria above; God’s Word, Constitution, platform.
I do not cast votes based on my feelings or how much I like or dislike another legislator. I do not cast a vote based on a sad or emotional story. I do not cast votes based on how someone voted on my bills or if my vote is in the minority. I’m not out to win a popularity contest or advance my political career. I am doing what I told District 35 voters I would do.