Via a post on Facebook by Rick Weible, election analyst –

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May be an image of text that says 'South Dakota experience: One out of seven journalis UF College UNIVERSITY@/FL.ORIT Requested seven different types of records from state agencies (November-February) Educator suspended licenses- pointed to website Suspended voter registration "no records exist" Prisoners who died in custody- "no records exist" Contractors blacklisted by DOT- "no records exist" Fishing and hunting licenses fee ($100/thousand) Suspended medical licenses provided for $100'


May be an image of text that says 'Historically low on transparency scales UF College of) loumlism Communications UNIVERSITY FFLORIDA •50th BGA/ 2002 (strength of law) 50th Better Government Association/ NFOIC, 2007 (strength of law) 49th Good Jobs First, 2007 (online transparency) 44th Center for Public Integrity, 2007 (financial transparency) 50th Brechner, 2008 (strength of law) 46th Sunshine Week, 2009 (government website proactivity) 22nd Center for Public Integrity, 2015 (strength of law, expert assessment) 31st USPIRG 2018 (spending transparency)'