An online discussion ensued between a few legislators a few weeks ago, and I decided to jump into the mix of it as a tax paying voter.  I asked for legislation that had teeth in order to make a real difference for voters, starting with tax cuts that were more than just publicity stunts for the governor to win votes during an election year.  State Rep. Mary Fitzgerald repeated what I said back to me, that in order to do so they need to reduce the size of government.  That’s something I believe the majority of tax payers would want, correct? We seem to see the obvious: the government is too big and bloated, wasting a mind-boggling amount of tax dollars and never stops asking for bigger budgets and more taxes.

State Rep. Fitzgerald and I have had our disagreements and yet she will continue to respond and engage me, which is something I respect about her when most would back away and go silent when tax payers express comments that are other than positive.

After this comment of hers saying that the reduction of government is necessary, I decided to do a little digging and see her voting record on the state budget over the last couple of years.

Here’s what I found: Starting in 2021, the state budget was $5,087,976,571. (I apologize for the weird way the pictures are stacked…I don’t know how to fix it so let’s roll with it…)
2021 Budget Bill House Votes:
NAY: Phil Jensen, Pischke, Aylward, Dennert, Marty, Weis, and Soye
Fitzgerald votes YEA.
Senate votes: All were YEA except for Frye-Mueller who was excused.



2022 state budget increased to $5,775,661,650
House Votes
NAY: Haugaard, Phil Jensen, Aylward, Dennert, Howard, Mulally, Pischke, Randolph, Soye, Weis
Fitzgerald voted YEA once again, despite the bigger budget (aka bigger government)
The Senate had ONE no vote from Frye-Mueller


Lastly, the 2023 Budget increased exponentially to $7,374,900,889. 
House votes NAY: Phil Jensen, Mulally, Randolph
Senate Votes NAY: Hoffman, Pischke, Frye-Mueller
Fitzgerald voted YEA yet again



This is disappointing, to be sure.  It also reveals the true fiscal conservatives in our state as well, which is, sadly, very few.  However, at least they’re consistent in their voting and back their words up by actions.

Links to past budget bills (scroll down to “Bill Text Versions” to read the budget bill)