The South Dakota Searchlight wrote a great article highlighting how our Governor uses our tax dollars….

I’m growing more and more fed up with “economic development”……it’s a total waste of tax payer dollars. Check out this research article about it and how they found, as one example, that states made back only $20,000 for every $1 million spent on just tourism…and that’s just the start of it!
After you read that, check out how much our Governor’s Office of Economic Development gets:
Governor’s Office of Economic Development —
Personal Services Total: $3,985,285
Operating Expenses Total: $74,382,004

As one who shared this post noted: The government thinks it can pick the winners and losers when it comes to boosting the economy.  And here, the governor chose that rodeo was the place to put public funds.  I second what Aylward states here: The government needs to keep their business and stay out of ours.  The economy only hurst more when the government uses our tax dollars to fund whatever industry they want.  They can NOT call themselves conservatives when they spend money like democrats.

SD House Rep Aaron Aylward said it best: