The Light Brigade Lantern

The Light Brigade Lantern is a series of satire based on true events in our local and state governments.
I came up with it to help share the facts of a true story with a twist of humor and how I saw it from a different perspective that made me laugh.
You will find sources on which this satire article was based from throughout. Enjoy! 

Earlier today, Toby Doeden, who is considering challenging Howdy Doody (Dusty Johnson) for his Congressional House seat, posted a video revealing how creepy Pat Powers with Dakota War College is coming off with his seemingly obsessive tendencies in writing numerous articles about Doeden in a short period of time.  It seems similar to a romantic comedy movie where an awkward high school girl is obsessed with the quarterback of the football team.  Since she has no social skills to express her true feelings to him and needs some sort of avenue to get her feelings out, she opts for writing total garbage about him, believing he’ll see through it to the truth of her feelings for him and come running.  We definitely can’t blame Mr. Powers for this obsessive behavior, because we’re pretty excited about Mr. Doeden considering running against Howdy Doody, too!

Sadly, in the real world, the Rom-Com ending doesn’t happen that way, and Mr. Powers has yet to learn that.  That’s ok though, because here at GovWatch, we work to not only give a platform for true conservatives to speak without being censored, edited or shut down, but also teach those like Mr. Powers to express themselves in a healthy way.  We believe emotional maturity and good communication skills starts with not being a lap dog for the establishment rinos, and then moving on to doing our best to getting to the bottom of a story and sharing it in its original form to the best of our ability and letting the people decide.

We wish Mr. Powers the best on his journey to emotional maturity, and we look forward to the day he is free from the clown show we all witness every day that’s put on by the establishment. Maybe then he can write something that’s at least a level above material found in the garbage dump that’s done only at the direction of the clowns who pay him to do so.

On a serious note: we’re so excited at the possibility that someone like Toby Doeden is considering running against Johnson.  He seems like someone who would finally be a voice for us at the federal level and keep our interests at the forefront instead of lining his own pockets at the expense of Ukrainians. Go to his website to learn more about him and his goals if he decides to run for congress.