Last week was wild with articles and news stories about child predators in some form or another at different levels of our country.  We saw this article about 3 teachers in our area having their licenses revoked due to having inappropriate relationships with students or possessing child p*rnography.

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Right before this news broke, we learned how Bill Clinton was a major client of Jeffery Epstein.

This then was followed by the news that our current Attorney General, Marty Jackley, appointed Brent Kempema as second in command in the AG office. Oddly enough, Jackley was Denny Sanford’s defense attorney during Sanford’s child p*rn case, and Kempema was the lead prosecutor on behalf of the state.  The odd conclusion to that case that doesn’t add up can be read in more detail in my first article here. 

As I read articles about the case, the whole thing that seemed to start all of it was a tip from the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children.  Well, I was sent this info and images that makes a connection from the NCME to the Clintons and Epstein:

Here’s the story with links to sources.

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To summarize: the International Center for Missing  & Exploited Children(ICMEC) was started when the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children(NCMEC) needed help in finding kids abroad.  And it seems there’s connections there to Disney, Branson, the Clintons, and Epstein.  As they said, this is literally a “foxes guarding the henhouse” scenario.

On top of that, we know Bill Gates had a relationship with Epstein which you can find out more here and here.

Well, it seems like Sanford and Gates had a connection in a way, too.  According to this article, “Billionaire T. Denny Sanford has been booted from Bill Gates, Melinda French Gates and Warren Buffett’s Giving Pledge, a movement that brings together mostly billionaires who promise to give away most of their wealth either before or after their deaths, a spokesperson for the group confirmed to Forbes.”

Uhh….what?? So the NCMEC has connections to the Clintons, who have connections to Epstein who has connections to Bill Gates who has connections to Sanford, of whom the NCMEC called in a tip on to the state of SD for images found on his computer and phone??

Add the cherry on top of this with another connection SD has to Epstein in a weird, round-about way: RFK Jr & Epstein’s plane-

Backstory: So we have friends who live on Long Island and we like to talk about the difference between those who live on the East Coast versus the Midwest.  One big difference being where rich East Coasters want to go for vacation.  Our friends said that rich people never say, “I want to go visit South Dakota!” but instead look overseas, which makes sense to us.  The Midwest didn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar until 2020 hit.  We were sent this FB reel  (or skip to the interview clip from this short YouTube video) a few days ago of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. saying he used Epstein’s plane twice and his wife was(is?) friends with Ghislaine Maxwell(Let’s just say Maxwell is Epstein’s partner in bringing him girls for his clients).  One of those trips in Epstein’s plane was when RFK Jr came to Rapid City to go fossil hunting.  We weren’t the only ones to think it was weird…a rich east coaster coming HERE to go fossil hunting in a state that has one of the richest men in the world and has connections to Bill Gates, Epstein, etc??? Ok…

We really like RFK Jr., so we hope none of our speculation is true and instead what he said is true.  It’s just been a long week of news about Epstein, Clinton, and then seeing child predators right here in our state down to the levels of teachers in schools all at the same time as Kempema is named second in command of our Attorney General’s office right under Jackley and the odd conclusion to the Sanford case they were directly involved in after Ravnsborg’s removal.  It’s all just so weird and leaves us with a lot of questions.