To read ALL proposed bills for the 2024 Legislative session, click here. 

Here’s a collection of all the bills pertaining to marijuana in South Dakota.  Some are revisions/amendments to the state law, others are related to it.

The links take you to the record of the life of the bill: who proposed/sponsored it, where it started, where it’s at, voting record, etc. Scroll to the bottom of the page under “Bill Text Versions” and click on either one to read the bill itself.

House Bill 1036
Title: An Act to require that a dispensary post notice of the federal law regarding possession of a firearm and the use of marijuana and to provide a civil penalty.
I’m glad this came up because of the amount of people who tell me they CAN own a gun while using marijuana, regardless of what I tell them that they can’t.

Senate Bill 42
Title: modify provisions related to medical cannabis
From what I gather, this bill changes up wording to make the law and consequences of breaking it more strict and less ambiguous.

Senate Bill 43
Title: establish procedures for the imposition of fines and probation against medical cannabis establishments, and to increase the allowable fee for a medical cannabis establishment registration certificate.
It only took them 4 years to do this, but better late than never, right?

Senate Bill 10
Title: require that a notification of medical cannabis certification be provided to a patient’s primary or referring practitioner.
 This would be a whole new section added to the state law about marijuana.  Again, I’m personally glad they’re getting more strict and less ambiguous about this and proposing these kinds of bills. Better late than never.

Senate Bill 11
Title: prohibit a practitioner from referring a patient to a medical cannabis clinic with which the practitioner or an immediate family member has a financial relationship and to provide a penalty therefor.
   This is another section that would be added to the state law and includes a Class 2 Misdemeanor.  Yes, please…

Senate Bill 12
Title: authorize certain employer actions regarding the use of cannabis by an employee or a prospective employee.
     Making this part of the law less ambiguous and, I believe, protects the rights of business owners by using more clear wording.