Light Brigade Lantern


PSA: the LBL is my own version of a series of satire based on true events.  The true events the articles are based from are listed as links and/or pictures in the article. I like to write from a perspective of a situation that makes me laugh during such weird and crazy times as we find ourselves these days, and I hope you are able to get some laughs, too!


We find ourselves in a day and age where there is a plethora of hot button issues that not only affect SD but the nation and world.  You can take your choice from this buffet of government corruption and overreach: First amendment rights violations, the government trying to control the global food supply, property rights being taken away from us, over taxation, lack of representation, etc. It seems like the list gets longer every day.

However, there is a beacon of hope coming from the SD GOP party amidst all of this abuse of power by our own government.  As our rights are stripped from us on a consistent basis and legislators make laws that protect themselves from being held accountable and we’re left to fend for ourselves as they demonize us, the vice chair of the SD GOP party has shown she has her priorities straight.

SD GOP Vice chair is leading the way on what we peasants should really be focusing on in our state.  Who cares if your government strips you of your rights to speak freely? Who cares if the government violates your property rights in order to serve the out-of-state companies who seemingly bought them off? Who cares if you’re taxed into oblivion and are at risk of losing your land because the taxes are too expensive? Clearly, we’ve gotten it all wrong and       it’s time to follow Fitzgerald’s lead to focus on what really matters: stricter punishments for those who bury a body.  She’s quoted saying, “You should not get probation for burying a body, a year later digging it up and burying it in a new location,” as a reply to a comment under a post she made in the FB group, Rushmore Americans, where she posted about the bill she introduced titled HB 1104.




So, here’s the call to all you peasants fighting for your property rights, free speech rights, or just Constitutional rights in general: Focus on what matters!