Disclaimer: My questions and statements and thoughts are all my opinion only.

Want to grab a coffee and come with me on this 40,000 foot view discussion?  Yes, this is all in Canada, but I feel this is an important subject to look at because we see a worldwide push for marijuana legalization and it will and has affected us here in South Dakota.

This rabbit hole started from a post I saw on FB about Solomon Friedman, a Jewish Rabbi and staunch gun rights fighter as the legal counsel for the National Firearms Association, is the VP of the company that purchased PornHub recently. The company, Ethical Capital Partners, purchased PornHub from MindGeek, which was owned by Bernd Bergmair, an ex-Goldman Sachs banker, in hopes to make it the leader in the fight against illegal online content.  Knowing that a devout Jewish Rabbi is the VP with a company that bought the dominant pornography streaming service on the web seems to have raised many eyebrows for obvious reasons.  According to research articles (here, here & here for a start) and personal testimonies by those who overcame their porn addiction, it’s clear that pornography has highly addictive properties to it.  What I found interesting while looking at this from the 40,000 foot view, is that the Chair of Ethical Capital Partners, Rocco Meliambro, was a big name in the cannabis industry in Canada, helping found cannabis companies that now have global reach.

I was intrigued that this company has a man as the Chair of it that seems to be so interested in founding and buying companies that have a global reach and sell products that have addictive properties.  It also intrigues me to see this global push for cannabis in such a way over the last few years.  I know it’s a hot-button issue with both sides very passionate about it.  I’m coming from seeing how it seems to be that medical marijuana legalization has consistently lead to the states being ruined very quickly in many ways. So much so, that residents move elsewhere to start over.  Former cops tell stories of what they saw on the front lines and how their hands were tied in enforcing the law.  They also talk about how the medical marijuana law opens the door to allowing the black market and cartels to work out of these store fronts as well, which, to me, seems to completely negate the supposed desire of protecting kids and selling legal, mild marijuana to the public who can medically benefit from it through legalization, yes?  So, it’s interesting to me to realize how BIG the cannabis industry as become after reading up on the global companies based in Canada, and the fast and hard push for legalization throughout the United States, so much so that the state laws and permitting are so sloppy that legislation and enforcement is incredibly weak.  I don’t believe in coincidence, but rather, coordinated push worldwide for the same thing.

Obviously, I could be totally off base and maybe these people have the purest intentions at heart and truly just want to help people live a good, quality life to the best of their ability….but, you know me, I question everything, and it’s ok to ask questions!

If you regret your vote for medical marijuana in 2020 like I do, you have a chance to vote on it again in 2024 if we gather enough signatures to get it back on the 2024 ballot.  Go to www.repealmedicalmj.com for more information!