The Light Brigade Lantern is a series of satire based on true events in our local and state governments.
I came up with it to help share the facts of a true story with a twist of humor and how I saw it from a different perspective that made me laugh.
You will find sources on which that this satire article was based from throughout. Enjoy! 


The South Dakota GOP auditioned for “Trump’s Biggest Fan” on Friday evening in front of a packed house full of people who truly love Trump and his policies for America.  

While South Dakota citizens fight for their Constitutional rights to be protected through property rights, free speech, 2nd amendment rights, and fair and unbiased representation from our elected officials, amidst rising taxes in an economy that’s got inflation that would terrify the Hindenburg, The SD GOP was 100% focused on nailing this audition. So focused, in fact, that tax payers who approached their GOP representatives asking for help on these serious issues were instead used by the SD GOP to practice their lines before their audition.  While they collected their dividends from the various investments they have in the medical marijuana industry and ethanol/carbon capture industry, and working hard at not helping certain counties get organized so they can be involved in the republican party, the GOP was seen on social media, news outlets and in person with their blow horns yelling from the rooftops, “WE LOVE TRUMP!” and “MAGA!” Which, unfortunately, since they didn’t do their homework before practicing their lines in order to convince citizens they love Trump and his America First policies, they assumed that MAGA stood for “Make A Great Ass,” referencing the party they seem to have come from and not Trump’s policies of Making America Great Again, which explains their unnatural enthusiasm for the motto and ability to look so convincing in their audition and practicing their lines with tax payers.

On the night of the audition in front of thousands of tax payers who want to make SD great again and were there to hear Trump speak, the GOP took the stage and perfectly said all of their lines that they practiced so hard at all last week.  They did a wonderful job nailing their audition for “Trump’s Biggest Fan,” even amidst boos from the crowd, they kept their game face on and got through the lines with perfect poise.
At the time of publishing, we don’t believe they found out the truth of what MAGA truly stands for, as we keep hearing them behind closed doors chant together, “Make A Great Ass!” but if that changes, we will let readers know!

                           The featured image is a painting of Paul Revere by Edward Mason Eggleston