Taffy Howard always knocks it out of the park with her wisdom and heart for the people of South Dakota. Here is yet another post full of great information from American Thinker (see link) with Taffy’s highlights:
I just posted an earlier article from American Thinker but this came out today…if you only read one (although I’d encourage you to read both), read this one!
Some of my favorite quotes:
“On the evening of Feb. 22, 2020, Satartia, a small town in Yazoo County, Mississippi, was enveloped in a fog of fetid gas following a loud boom. People collapsed, shaking and breathless, vehicles choked to a halt, and first responders were bewildered….49 people had to be hospitalized…the fact that the source happens to be contaminated with hydrogen sulfide, making the gas smell like rotten eggs, most likely limited the number of casualties. As CO2 is odorless and heavier than air, settling at ground level, it would have asphyxiated people without warning.”
“They are vague on the long-term effects and risks of such storage. So why is such an unproven, suspect technology being imposed on America?
The answer is simple: the trillions of dollars to be made, not just by CCS providers but also by others in so-called ‘green premiums’ as America chases Net Zero.”
“Summit plans to capture CO2 from 31 corn ethanol plants in five states, transport it through 2,000 miles of pipeline, and sequester 18 million tons per year in North Dakota, near the potentially oil-rich Bakken Formation. This could gross the company $600 million annually in tax credits alone.”
There are SO many reasons to oppose these pipelines! They are robbing us and burdening our children with a debt they’ll never get out from under all so the elite can make a fast buck (or billions of fast bucks!).
They are unconstitutionally taking people’s private property for a boondoggle that is simply idiotic no matter how you look at it.
Maybe you are not directly impacted and you just don’t care…well wake up and start caring because this DOES impact ALL of us! Where do you think the billions and billions of dollars are coming from to enrich these companies? Out of YOUR pocket!
Then there’s the safety issue! It’s just crazy that we are even thinking about allowing this to happen in our state! Demand the governor take action, demand your local legislators take action, demand our congressional delegation take action (they should be voting no on every spending bill until these unconstitutional incentives are eliminated!)…and YOU take action. Even if all you are doing is spreading the word to help educate the public about this, that’s something. Write a letter to our PUC…call all the folks mentioned above…but DO something!