Last week we had a conversation in my FB group, We, the People, of South Dakota,  that started from a post of a video of the homeless in Denver. One side believes it’s due to the legalization of marijuana, while the other side says it’s not but more to the effect of the housing market. The World Economic Forum’s statement, “You’ll own nothing and be happy,” came to mind for me when I tried looking at this from the 30,000 ft perspective and the bigger agenda that seems to be being implemented state by state.  I believe that the WEF is implementing a multi-faceted, systematic agenda that utilizes the legalization of drugs and economic manipulation to make their agenda a reality of taking everything of ours for themselves.
The statement made by the WEF made me think about this possible agenda when states like New York, Oregon, California and Colorado legalized marijuana in a step-by-step process.  Every state followed the exact same process, and now we’re seeing that same process in South Dakota.  The fruit of this legalization seems to be states that are full of homeless people, drugs cartels, high crime rates and collapsed economies when they were promised thriving communities and huge amounts of tax money that would be put back into these cities and states.  Every citizen I spoke with who moved here from states like California, Colorado and Nevada all say the exact same thing: the legalization of marijuana is what ruined their state.  I’m guessing that the reason these communities are broke is because more money is put into managing the results of legalized marijuana versus whatever money is made and the homeless is not only due to the legalization of marijuana, but exacerbated by the Federal Reserve manipulating the housing market to where many families are priced out of the chance of owning a home.
I’m wondering if the bigger agenda is to systematically implement the “gateway drug” of marijuana under the guise, first, of legalized medical marijuana, then move into legalizing recreational, and then legalize other hard drugs to where it eventually becomes a free-for-all nationwide.  Why would they want to do this? I’m theorizing they want us as drugged up as possible in order to not be aware or have the capacity enough to realize when they take everything away from us, forcing us to believe we’ll be happy when we own nothing.  Do they mean that we’ll own nothing and be high so won’t know the difference and we’re too stoned to care?  I wonder if they know something we don’t after I read an article titled, “A Future With No Individual Ownership Is Not A Happy One: Property Theory Shows Why.” where they said in their conclusion:

“Ownership is the form of property that best assures the latter relationship and by so doing it supports the emergence, development and expression of personhood, which is a threshold requirement for happiness. A future with no individual ownership is therefore not a happy one, because it will undermine personhood. The WEF prediction should thus not be understood as envisioning any such future.”

If the WEF knows what the lack of ownership will do to people, why do it? My theory is simply because they want power and everything for themselves.  They know they can’t take it from us when we’re clear-headed, healthy individuals with a strong and developed sense of our personhood.  BUT, what if they know how to mentally and emotionally beat us down and strip us of our personhood with constant stress with global and national political issues, fear mongering, financial and economic distress, etc. to where getting high doesn’t seem so bad? What if they know that if they push the majority hard enough that we’ll break and give into drugs because we’re that desperate for an escape from the hell they developed for us?  Then, we’ll be so addicted that we are unable to fight back.  On top of that, they weaseled their way around the Second Amendment, saying anyone who does drugs can’t own a firearm. Bing, bang, boom, we’re defenseless AND stoned, and we’re too mentally lost to know it.  It ends up creating the easiest scenario for them to take over our country after they enslave us.

If I’ve learned anything these last 3 years, it’s that nothing, NOTHING, is ever as it seems or as it’s presented to you. This rings true ESPECIALLY when our government, whether it’s local, state or federal, is presenting something to you.  I’ve also learned that it’s our duty as American tax payers to absolutely question everything, and I’m questioning everything when it comes to this medical marijuana charade being played out from state to state.  While I believe medical marijuana does exist, I 100% believe the laws implemented for it is about anything but medical marijuana.  I believe there’s a much bigger agenda at play, and it’s up to us to find the truth and fight back for the sake of our state and country.

Right now, there’s a petition going around to gather signatures in order to put the medical marijuana state law back on the ballot for 2024 in order to give South Dakotans a second chance and to vote to repeal the state law.  If you’d like to sign the petition and are a registered voter or want to help gather signatures, go to