Last summer was a very interesting summer in the realm of local government.  Partly because the high school seniors had a prank go wrong, even though they’ve been doing pranks for decades, it’s a well-accepted tradition by the school district and community, and this prank wasn’t even the worst prank done by high schoolers.

However, our SA decided to intimidate and threaten these high schoolers with up to 5 years in the state pen and a maximum of a $10,000 fine.

While talking to parents and kids scared out of their wits, it seemed that they were lead to believe that McCartney would need to take a lot of convincing to not charge them with a felony, according to this letter she sent all of those involved.

Not only did these kids have to deal with the stress of a State’s Attorney who seemed to need to up her juvenile count to make her new truancy program look successful (That’s totally my assumption there…), but they also lost a classmate due to accidental drowning shortly before this happened.  While in a private meeting with the SA, they told me that documents given to them that listed out all the kids involved still had the deceased’s name on there as well.

It seems that in the end, she offered the kids a deal to stay out of any and all trouble, (including speeding tickets, according to what parents told me) for 6 months and their records would stay clear.  I don’t know about you, but this gives me the impression that she gets off on scaring, threatening and intimidating kids rather than upholding the law when it really counts for the sake of her clients: US.

It’s sad that we have to pay a state’s attorney who works harder at enforcing the law to the hilt on high school kids while also working even harder to ensure the county commissioners get off scott free after they blatantly violate their oaths, state and local laws, open meeting laws, and our rights.

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