(From April 2023)
So get this-
The Plat for Redwater Land Company (where Woodruff’s cannabis cultivation and manufacturing business is located) had been held up from being approved by the Planning Board because they didn’t show the Planning Board where their water was coming from. However, somehow, they received approval to operate by the Commissioners last year and somehow got around the Planning Board. Tonight, their plat is up for approval after operating since last year.
Also, of the 3 business partners listed of this company, none live in Butte County. One lives in Sioux Falls, one lives in Kansas, and Woodruff lives in Sturgis. The property he owns is listed as not owner occupied and is rented. His mail is forwarded to Sturgis. This is in violation of the Butte County ordinance, because the ordinance states at least 1 business partner must be a resident in Butte County. The medical cannabis establishment initial permit application has them initial that they are a resident, and sign it as true, under penalty of perjury.
I want to give a huge shoutout to Sue Broadhurst for her fantastic research!