If this statement was true, she’d show it by upholding the constitutional rights of the people of SD…..but she doesn’t. she’d not cause division in her home county and hold multiple seats in various levels of government; she’d allow concerned citizens and local political groups to hold their meetings in peace instead of attending all of them in a manner that seems to be to intimidate or scheduling meetings at the exact same time to seemingly try to hurt attendance; she’d allow anyone who wants to run for precinct committee to do so instead of attempting to make them withdraw so she can hand pick who gets on the committee; she wouldn’t show up and sit with the county commission at their table as some sort of watch dog, and her voting record would reflect her conservativism…but it doesn’t…in fact, her score tanked this year… Just because a legislator makes such a statement as this definitely does not mean it’s true. Visit govwatchsd.org for a list of candidates primarying legislators and the collection of scorecards.
If I were in District 31, I’d vote Kate crowley-Johnson for Senate and Mark Mowry and Scott Odenbach for South Dakota House District 31 for state house.

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