I’ve been getting updates on developments over the last few months concerning the office of the SD Attorney General. Before Jackley took office, four people left. From what I’ve been told, these were people who had been there for years, highly respected, and were very good at their jobs. After Jackley was sworn in, one more left. All in all, Jackley lost a total of 100 years of experience by these people leaving the AG office.
In total, those who left are:
Jeff Tronvold-Head of Civil Litigation
Whalen Eckert – Law Enforcement Training Instructor
Tom Deadrick – Was in charge of 2 major projects: opiod settlement and tobacco settlement
Paul Cremer – Assistant AG-he was the director of the Medicaid fraud department. He left after 26 years in the AG office
Yvette LaFrentz – Assistant AG for the Consumer Protection Division
On top of those who left, Chief Deputy Charlie McGuigen was demoted to head of civil division/civil litigation which equaled a pay cut.

We then see this article published of Jackley announcing his hiring of 3 new assistant attorneys general…

My insiders then bring it home for me by telling me there were no vacancies save for maybe one during Ravnsborg’s time as AG. There were no vacancies during Vargo’s time filling in as AG, either. Everyone fled once it became a sure thing that Jackley as AG was a done deal. These 3 new Assistant AGs are basically carbon copies of Jackley, and in my opinion, doesn’t bode well for SD citizens (do we want more people like Jackley, who defends pedos and punishes women who fight back against sexual harassment like Laura Kaiser did?) Supposedly, Flynn worked there before and then went to work for Paul Bauchand, who is considered to be the ultimate insider. Ernest was/is Brown County SA and just wants to be a part of the “in” crowd. Alexis was one of the senate impeachment prosecutors and told everyone that she had goals of being a judge someday and my sources tell me that she was promised a judgeship if Jackley becomes Governor. Do we want people in these roles because they’re actually good at what they do or because they’re in bed with people higher up the chain and just there to do their bidding?