Katie Hoffmann made a public comment at the recent planning board meeting this month, expressing her desire to see public servants, no matter their capacity or role they play, practice more decorum towards tax payers.  She came forward showing the planning board a screenshot of a comment Bill O’Dea made under a post she made about election integrity and shared it to a local community social media page.  She noted that it had nothing to do with anyone in particular but was only about something that concerned her as a tax payer.  Yet, Mr. O’Dea felt it necessary to express his feelings on the subject even though it had nothing to do with him as a public servant.  Katie said that she would like to see public servants held to the same standards she’s held to when it comes to matters of the government and engaging public servants.  Mr. O’Dea’s response proved a bit interesting, part of which being his claim that planning board members don’t get paid, which isn’t true when you look at page 5 of the January, 2023 County Commission meeting minutes.  As one of the planning board members confirmed to us, they do indeed get paid $750/year per person.

While he claimed that “he is a private citizen so he can say whatever the hell he wants,” Katie begged to differ saying he is still a paid civil servant doing a job for the tax payers, therefore he should make better judgements of what and how he responds to anything on social media or in person, if he should respond at all.  Watch the exchange below: