Guest Opinion post by Mike Zitterich:
Should All Public Meetings of the People be Scheduled for 6pm or 7pm to Allow for AS Many People as possible to Show Up?
The reason we are told meetings are at 9am ot 11am is because Public Employees have to work all day and they want to go home, and if we force them to attend after 5pm we have to pay Overtime.
That doesn’t make sense. If you’re a Public Employer, you choose to work for the people and the people pay you very good income with the average full time city employee earning $26 to $50 per hour plus a lifetime pension, medical benefits, and a good 457 deferred retirement plan.
We should NOT have to pay Public employees overtime when they get paid good money.  Private citizens and our part time city council don’t get overtime, so why should city employees?
The PEOPLE are their boss, and if the People want a public meeting, special meeting, we have to pay $150 to use our own council chambers, we agreed to that by Ordinance, so the least these Public employers can do is show up for Free!
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