Government Structure & Contact Information

“States can organize their state governments any way they like, as long as they conform to the sole requirement of the U.S. Constitution that they have ‘a Republican Form of Government.’ In practice, each state has adopted a three-branch system of government generally along the sames lines as that of the federal government.”


Contact Information


Governor Kristi Noem

Office of the Governor
500 East Capitol Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501

In the United States, the title governor refers to the chief executive of each state. The governor is not directly subordinate to the federal authorities but is the political and ceremonial head of the state. The governor may also assume additional roles, such as the commander-in-chief of the National Guard when the role is not federalized. The governor may also have the ability to commute or pardon a criminal sentence. –


Lt. Governor Larry Rhoden

500 E Capitol Ave
Pierre, SD 57501

In the United States, the office of lieutenant governor is the second-highest executive office in a state and is nominally subordinate to the governor. In the U.S., the main duty of the lieutenant governor is to act as governor should the governor be temporarily absent from the office. In addition, the lieutenant governor generally succeeds a governor who dies, resigns or is removed in trial by the legislative branch. In most states, the lieutenant governor then becomes governor, with the title and its associated salary, office, and privileges.                            


Secretary of State - Monae Johnson

500 East Capitol Avenue Ste 204
Pierre, SD 57501-5070
The position’s duties are generally administrative, and no two states have identical responsibilities delegated to the secretary of state. Many are tasked with keeping state records, from registering businesses to recording the official acts of the governor. The officeholder also often serves as the chief election official in their state, administering state elections and maintaining official election results. The commissioning and regulation of notaries public, keeping of the official state seal, and certification of official documents all typically fall under the purview of the secretary of state. –


Attorney General - Marty Jackley

1302 E Hwy 14
Suite 1
Pierre, SD 57501
Phone (Routine Business):

The Attorney General of South Dakota is an elected executive position in the South Dakota state government. As the state’s chief legal officer, the attorney general has three major duties: help local and state law enforcement officials fight crime, represent state officials in legal manners, and enforce consumer protection laws in the state.[1] The attorney general is elected every four years in the midterm elections and cannot serve more than two consecutive terms in office. –


Treasurer Josh Haeder

SD State Treasurer
500 E Capitol Ave., Ste 212
Pierre, SD 57501

“The State Treasurer is the state’s chief banking official serving as the receiver and custodian of all state fund transfers and deposits. The office also manages banking relationships for the state of South Dakota and monitors local bank accounts held by various state agencies. Treasurer, Josh Haeder, additionally plays a role in responsible management of South Dakota’s resources by sitting on the board of the State Investment Council which manages investment of the financial assets of the State of South Dakota. Additionally, the State Treasurer is a member of the State Board of Finance which manages state financial issues including bad debt, moving allowance for state transfers, per diem allowances, etc.”


Auditor - Rich Sattgast

500 E Capitol Ave., Ste 209
Pierre, SD 57501
 [email protected]

“The State Auditor serves as the taxpayers’ watchdog. It is the State Auditor who scrutinizes the manner in which state tax dollars are being spent. Simply stated, the Office of State Auditor is constitutionally the office of ‘checks and balances’ of state government.” – Website


Department of Education - Dr. Joseph Graves, Secretary

 800 Governors Drive, Pierre, SD 57501

“The superintendent of schools, also known as the superintendent of educationsuperintendent of public instruction, secretary of education, or chief school administrator, is a statewide office responsible for overseeing and coordinating the state’s elementary and secondary schools. “-

Map of South Dakota Districts

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South Dakota Legislator Listing for 2024

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**They are listed in the numerical order of the districts**





Donnell, Joe House 01 Republican
Rohl, Michael Senate 01 Republican
St. John, Tamara House 01 Republican
Kolbeck, Steve Senate 02 Republican
Kull, David House 02 Republican
Sjaarda, John House 02 Republican
Novstrup, Al Senate 03 Republican
Perry, Carl E. House 03 Republican
Schaefbauer, Brandei House 03 Republican
Deutsch, Fred House 04 Republican
Sauder, Stephanie House 04 Republican
Wiik, John Senate 04 Republican
Bartels, Hugh M. House 05 Republican
Callies, Byron I. House 05 Republican
Schoenbeck, Lee Senate 05 Republican
Aylward, Aaron House 06 Republican
Otten, Ernie House 06 Republican
Otten, Herman Senate 06 Republican
DeGroot, Roger House 07 Republican
Heermann, Mellissa House 07 Republican
Reed, Tim Senate 07 Republican
Crabtree, Casey Senate 08 Republican
Mills, John House 08 Republican
Reisch, Tim House 08 Republican
Hoffman, Brent “B.R.” Senate 09 Republican
Soye, Bethany House 09 Republican
Teunissen, Kenneth House 09 Republican
Healy, Erin House 10 Democratic
Larson, Liz Senate 10 Democratic
Nelson, Kameron House 10 Democratic
Karr, Chris House 11 Republican
Mulder, Brian House 11 Republican
Stalzer, Jim Senate 11 Republican
Arlint, Amber House 12 Republican
Beal, Arch Senate 12 Republican
Jamison, Greg House 12 Republican
Kolbeck, Jack R. Senate 13 Republican
Peterson, Sue House 13 Republican
Venhuizen, Tony House 13 Republican
Rehfeldt, Taylor House 14 Republican
Tordsen, Tyler House 14 Republican
Zikmund, Larry P. Senate 14 Republican
Duba, Linda House 15 Democratic
Nesiba, Reynold F. Senate 15 Democratic
Wittman, Kadyn House 15 Democratic
Bolin, Jim Senate 16 Republican
Jensen, Kevin D. House 16 Republican
Lems, Karla J. House 16 Republican
Davis, Sydney Senate 17 Republican
Kassin, Chris House 17 Republican
Shorma, William House 17 Republican
Auch, Julie K. House 18 Republican
Hunhoff, Jean Senate 18 Republican
Stevens, Mike House 18 Republican
Bahmuller, Jessica House 19 Republican
Peterson, Drew House 19 Republican
Schoenfish, Kyle Senate 19 Republican
Klumb, Joshua Senate 20 Republican
Koth, Lance R. House 20 Republican
Krohmer, Ben House 20 Republican
Blare, Rocky House 21 Republican
Overweg, Marty House 21 Republican
Tobin, Erin Senate 21 Republican
Chase, Roger House 22 Republican
Schneider, Lynn House 22 Republican
Wheeler, David Senate 22 Republican
Breitling, Bryan Senate 23 Republican
Moore, Scott House 23 Republican
Wangsness, James D. House 23 Republican
Mehlhaff, Jim Senate 24 Republican
Mortenson, Will House 24 Republican
Weisgram, Mike House 24 Republican
Gross, Randy House 25 Republican
Hansen, Jon House 25 Republican
Pischke, Tom Senate 25 Republican
Bordeaux, Shawn Senate 26 Democratic
Emery, Eric E. House 26A Democratic
Reimer, Rebecca House 26B Republican
Foster, Red Dawn Senate 27 Democratic
May, Liz House 27 Republican
Pourier, Peri House 27 Democratic
Maher, Ryan M. Senate 28 Republican
Lesmeister, Oren L. House 28A Democratic
Pinnow, Neal House 28B Republican
Cammack, Gary House 29 Republican
Chaffee, Kirk House 29 Republican
Wink, Dean Senate 29 Republican
Frye-Mueller, Julie Senate 30 Republican
Krull, Dennis House 30 Republican
Ladner, Trish House 30 Republican
Deibert, Randy Senate 31 Republican
Fitzgerald, Mary J. House 31 Republican
Odenbach, Scott House 31 Republican
Duffy, Steve House 32 Republican
Duhamel, Helene Senate 32 Republican
Jensen, Phil House 33 Republican
Johnson, David Senate 33 Republican
Massie, Curt House 33 Republican
Derby, Mike House 34 Republican
Diedrich, Michael Senate 34 Republican
Drury, Becky J. House 34 Republican
Mulally, Tina L. House 35 Republican
Randolph, Tony House 35 Republican