Both sides of this issue are on fire for their beliefs.  A lot of information exists on this topic.  Here at GovWatch, we believe that looking at the results of other states who already legalized medical and recreational is the best way to start at being objective on whether or not legalization is a good thing.  We also listen to the numerous stories of people who moved to South Dakota from these states, such as Oregon, Colorado, Nevada and California.  Their backgrounds vary from working in web design to law enforcement, yet their stories are all the same: they saw how marijuana legalization ruined their state, county and towns, and wanted to start over somewhere else.  The information below is just a taste of the information available to us.

Want To Help Repeal Medical MJ?

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Ed Moses Presentation on Dangers of Marijuana Use

Ed Moses is a retired law enforcement officer and is a national speaker on drug abuse and addiction.  His presentations are phenominal and full of info we must know in order to be fully informed on what marijuana does to our bodies and communities.

Buck Casey Presentation

Buck is a former law officer from California.  He shares his experiences and the dangers of marijuana use. 

Butte County Citizens Fight Back: Travis Ismay, Dale Simanton & Buck Casey Interview

Buck, Travis and Dale tell us their story fighting back against county government implementing numerous marijuana businesses and what we can expect with marijuana legalization.