Election Integrity: News, Documentaries, Presentations, and Podcasts

SD Canvassing Butte County Presentation

SD Canvassing gave a presentation on what they found concerning our election in July, 2023. 

SD Canvassing 2022 Primary Election Night

Are South Dakota’s Leaders Elected or Selected? The graphs in the video depict live election night vote returns from the Secretary of State’s website.

SD Canvassing Substack

Read the latest articles from SD Canvassing on Substack!

Election Integrity News

Click here to read the latest news concerning election integrity not only in South Dakota, but nationwide as well!

Mike Lindell's Election Summit 2023

Watch two days worth of inormation from speakers across the country, and watch the report concerning South Dakota specifically by scrolling down the page to SD.

Conservative Daily Podcast

30 minutes in they talk about Meade County’s election, Seth Keshel is guest on the show.