Our rights have been severely oppressed and attacked for decades, and we didn’t really know it until the last few years.  There’s generations of people who don’t know the history of the Declaration of Independence, the difference between the Declaration of Independence & the Constitution, what the Bill of Rights are or even where to find them.  They don’t know the basics of the setup of our government, state laws, ordinances, or the roles in government and what good representation looks like.  So many don’t even bother to vote anymore because they don’t feel heard either way.

This page (and website) exists in hopes to begin changing  that.  Here, you’ll find the Declaration of Independence, the National & the SD Constitutions, as well as a YouTube video series on the history and meaning of the Constitution given by Hillsdale College.  We also included the link to the SD state laws and where we found the website for our city ordinances (If your town isn’t listed, call your city finance office and they can help you).

For county ordinances, call your county auditor and they can most likely help you.

We can’t step into the power given to us by God & our Founding Fathers until we fully know what that power looks like and how to use it by first reading & educating ourselves on the matter.

Be sure to share with others, as well! This takes a united effort by We, The People.