As a tax paying American citizen, you have the Constitutionally protected power to keep the government and your legislators/public servants in check through exercising your Constitutional rights.  Start by looking up how well you’re being represented and follow bills for the current legislative session.

The Freedom Index By The New American

The Freedom Index rates members of Congress based on their adherence to constitutional principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, national sovereignty, and a traditional foreign policy of avoiding foreign entanglements.  Scroll down the main page & click on SD to view the voting records of our state legislators.

Citizens For Liberty

SD Citizens for Liberty work to preserve and restore our Constitutional freedoms. Their scorecard is yet another tool that our state government fears. Click on the title to get to their website and legislative scorecard.

Family Voice Action 2024 Legislative Scorecard

Family Voice Action is formerly Family Heritage Alliance. Click the title for the scorecard and go here to visit their website.

SD Legislative Research Council

Find everything you need to know about your state government, state laws, proposed bills, and MORE at this website.

2024 Bills

Read up on the bills that will be discussed and voted on for the upcoming legislative session.

South Dakota Freedom Caucus

The SD Freedom Caucus has a mission to fight for The People of South Dakota and upholding our Constitutional rights while also reminding and teaching us of the power we hold as American Citizens.

Upcoming Ballot Questions & Election Info

Follow the circulating petitions for initiated measures that will be on the 2024 election ballot by going to the Secretary of State’s website and reading the Attorney General’s opinion on the ballot questions.