About Our Community

This communiy of South Dakota citizens come from all walks of life and from all over our beautiful state. I encourage everyone to share your thoughts, concerns, what you’ve witnessed and learned, no matter your political affiliation.  Ask any question, express any thought concerning our government. This is a place to do so because we exist to uphold everyone’s Constitutionally protected rights to speak and express yourselves without fear of punishment. My hope is for citizens from all counties to share info and come here to help organize and get our state back on the right track. 

About Katie Hoffmann

I grew up in the Black Hills of SD, and am a lifelong citizen of Belle Fourche. My husband, Jesse, and I have 5 kids together and I stay home and homeschool them while I juggle this side hustle of politics as a “normie” citizen.

I never wanted to be in politics and did nothing beyond voting. Over the last few years, though, I learned how my lack of involvement and knowledge contributed to where we are now as a state and nation, and I knew that as an average citizen, I had the power to start the change that I and other citizens wanted to see.

Getting involved started by discovering the alarming lack of oversight practiced by my city government, leaving department heads the ability to do basically whatever they wanted, and no one would be any wiser. After being dismissed by the mayor and council after bringing my concerns to them, I started a social media group and told my fellow citizens, knowing that the power to change our local government was in The People being informed, not one person taking on the government alone. 

Over the last 18 months, I learned, thanks to General Flynn, that our ability to change problems at the state and national level starts at the local level, specifically with the counties.  Seeing how Butte County wasn’t the only one fighting for our state, I decided to make a website where all of our counties can come together, share what we’ve learned, our wins and losses, corruption uncovered and what to do about it, etc. I’ve met some amazing people so far and look forward to those I have yet to meet who are fighting just as hard in their own way for our state and our way of life.