A “Politician” is any one, of whom is actively part of that small, but privileged group of Landowners, Property Holders, and Voters of which hold special powers to discuss, and congregate, form public discussion to adopt resolutions, initiatives, choose their Governor, Legislators, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Auditor, Land Commissioner, Utilities Commissioner, to their Judges, Sheriffs, County and Precinct Committee Persons, etc. To be part of this elite, privileged class of ‘citizens’ you must be either a Landowner, the person who controls the land, a Property-holder, the person of which owns a vested interest in the property upon the land, an Elected Representative, the person of which is nominated, voted for, and elected to meet in public meetings, commissions, to hold conventions to discuss public matters, and finally, you must be a Voter – a person of which becomes a qualified individual to participate in the governing process of choosing our elected persons, petitioning for those persons, initiatives, resolutions, let alone amendments to our constitutions, charters.
Therefore, a Politician under the constitution and laws of South Dakota can be anyone of the following individuals…
  1. Governor
  2. Lt. Governor
  3. Attorney General
  4. Secretary of State
  5. State Treasurer
  6. State Auditor
  7. Land Commissioner
  8. Public Utilities Commissioner
  9. Supreme Court Justice(s)
  10. State or County Judges
  11. State Senator
  12. State Representative
  13. State Officials, Officers, Agents, Employees
  14. All Members of the S.D Legislative Research Council
  15. County Sheriffs
  16. County, District Attorneys
  17. County Commissioners,
  18. County Officials, Officers, Agents, Employees
  19. City Mayors
  20. City Councilors
  21. City Officials, Officers, Agents, Employees
  22. County and Precinct Committee Persons
  23. Landowners
  24. Property Holders
  25. Qualified Voters

I wrote this nice little article to pose the question to the people:

What is a Politics? And what is the difference between a Politician and a Statesmen…