Walking down memory lane, this is a post from last summer (2023) by a parent concerning the behavior of our Butte County State’s Attorney, LeEllen McCartney.
Respectfully for all of those, including our county attorney who are calling for accountability, and lessons learned. If this was just approached from the very beginning as let’s do a few more hours of community service, and a stout talking to by police and attorneys, I think we all would be in agreement that it was appropriate action to take. It has not been handled that way. Parents and students were intentionally strong armed and intimidated by someone in authority who knows better. I invite all our citizens to read up on SD laws on intimidation, harassment, and bullying. Our county attorney keeps saying how actions matter, and she is completely correct. But that extends to her as well! She said she did not INTEND to press felony charges. The kids did not INTEND any harm. She has not used this as a teaching moment explaining how a plea agreement or charges will affect their future. Community service is not all she is asking, it is a plea agreement, or charges. No mercy in this case. This lesson is costing this county a fortune. Your tax dollars. Not just for all these young adults to go through the system, but also lost productivity for kids saving up to go to college and the time and stress this has put on them and their families during a very stressful time of transition. The “never” of accountability we need to discuss is our school district. We are not discussing what steps were taken to keep our kids safe, and ensuring this kind of behavior from happening in the first place. Do we want our schools to be accessed this easily? Again your tax dollars at work. Our youth have been TAUGHT by those in authority above them that actions don’t matter. Both by some in our community and most certainly by what they are viewing constantly throughout our country. Let’s take this moment to show the young adults that they are cared for, not fighting the fight of unequal justice and accountability alone.