This occurred at the Meade 46-1 school board meeting in Sturgis, SD on 12/11/23. Moms For Liberty were taken off the agenda and told instead to speak during public comment. Others signed up to yield their time to ensure the speaker had enough time to do her whole presentation. Teachers and students spoke up in rebuttal of her presentation despite the facts she presented. Ironically, we were informed that the recording the school did of this meeting had “technical difficulties” and therefore no recording exists of this meeting, leaving this video the only existing recording.

From a person in attendance: I want to let you know that we have a huge war in Meade 46-1 school district. Last night at the regular December board meeting, Moms For Liberty brought a short presentation. The domestic terrorists came out of the woodwork ( mostly teachers in the district) they have and are continuing to indoctrinate and destroy the lives of students. They have groomed and continue to groom students into proliferating their communist ideals. It was awful. I applaud the people who stood up against the tyranny. I’m beyond appalled and livid. The education system is broken and sadly, I believe it’s beyond salvage. These domestic terrorists have infiltrated the board, the administration, teachers, and staff. They were mocking the people who stood up for righteousness. It was like demons squealing over the death Jesus, not knowing that He was going to rise in 3 days. At this point, I believe the school district needs to be scrapped and destroyed in order to prevent any spread of the disease called wickedness. If those staff members are grooming these students in classes what are they doing to those students outside of classes? This is way beyond being shocked. If I had kids of school age in this district, I would be removing them this morning. I believe the reason homeschooling is gaining so many students is because the entire education system is broken. It’s all indoctrination, no education.

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